Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blog 13

A Vision of Students Today

In the short video that I observed it talked about the characteristics of students in society. This video showed the how the students of today dream, are goal oriented, the aspirations that they have, and the kind of changes that will come over the next years. I think the message of this video was for teachers and upper leadership of universities is to prepare the students for whatever may come in life and as a educator we should teach students to use technology properly. In the classroom today we use Google, Twitter, Skype, and countless other tools to teach students today. With all the things students have going on today it is important for them to learn to multitask the tasks that they have to do.

I think most teachers put to much on the quantity of work a student does and not the quality of work that that student may do. I think that multitasking to many things does have a effect on how a student performs. This video was informative to show to much work would affect a person, but it showed the ways that students could improve themselves to be better at some aspects of learning.

Project 15

Saturday, November 24, 2012

C4T #4

Dean Shareski

For this assignment I had the privlege to read the blog of Dean Shareski. In the post he addressed a quote that things were better back in the day.I agree to disagree with some of it. I agree that technology should be integrated in the class, but shouldn't be a main focus in teaching students. In the blog Shareski talked about balance and moderation in ones life which I agrees with. Without balance and moderation we as people would be in a world of problems. I think that in the blog he addressed some issues that are in todays society and the blog was very informative. I took alot from the blog post that Shareski wrote.

C4K 4

Jason Seliskar 's Class

The student that I did for the assignment was Ethan. In his blog Ethan wrote about the story James and the Giant Peach. In the post Ethan used very descriptive words to describe the story. I told Ethan that those were a good choice of words to use. I also told Ethan that he he did a great job on his blog and that he could improve on somethings in his next blog post.

Robertsdale High School History Class The student I had for this assignment was named a Thomas. In the blog asssignment Thomas commented on Veterans Day and he gave thanks to all Veterans. In my comments I told Thomas about me serving in the military and that his comments were greatly appreciated.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Post 12

Physical Education

For this blog assignment find me two physcial education journals and summarize what the journal is about.


Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (JOPERD) is AAHPERD's largest, most frequently published, and most wide-ranging periodical. It is AAHPERD's cornerstone journal, providing information on a variety of health, physical education, recreation and dance issues. The latest issues of JOPERD have included articles on teaching strategies, fitness, legal issues, assessment, dancing, teacher education, adapted physical education, leisure for older adults, the use of technology, and ethics and gender equity in sports and physical education.

JOPERD’s sole mission is to advance the common goals and discrete roles of health, physical education, recreation and dance professionals who are committed to improving the quality of life through the movement arts and sciences, sport, and leisure.


The Journal of Teaching in Physical Education (JTPE)presents research on teaching, cirriculum,and the different teaching styles in physical education.field. JTPE is an ideal resource for in-service and pre-service teachers, teacher educators, and administrators who wish to enhance their understanding of how children learn in physical education.JTPE also gives teachers in physical education research data from survey studies.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blog Post 11

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy Class

In watching Ms.Cassidy's short video on her first grade class using technology it gave me a litte assurance that children of all ages can utilize and navigate the web safely. The children in Ms. Cassidy's class were 6 years old. They were able to use and savy enough to explain how to use the equipment they were using. This would be great in any classroom setting. Whether you're a physical education teacher or a math teacher the technology that is being introduced in the early stages of development are critical. Learning as well as learning safety on the web is important to know. This sets the chldren up for a sucess in the ever loving world of technolgy. With all this technoogy children can and will get into trouble.

  As mentioned in the second video, the skype session, children will have to have limits set and will require the occasional reminder on staying on task. A question was brought up on basical issues the might arise do to plagirism. This is were teachers will need to be more creative. I think screening the post before it is submitted would work and having other students screen the post as well. The other issue I see if work is online students still need classroom time to interact with other students. This was a great video and I got alot of great ideas from Ms. Cassidy.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Special Blog Assignment

A World Where Grades Will Be Left Behind

 This was a very entertaining article it talked about how education will change over the next 30 years. This article mainly talks about how technology will take over in the classroom and how education will become free for people. Thrun, who started this online free education website, said that he can't teach in another classroom. The n Thrun takes it a step further to explain his reasons and tells his plans to make education better for all people. Thrun says he will use computers in the classroom, flip the classroom, and use video cameras to help in the classroom. He talks about teaching student new skills to learn,instead of having students memorize material in classrooms. The most interesting phrase Thrun says was grades were failing the education system. I feel the same way Thrun does about making sure a student understands a concept before moving on to learn a new skill.

 I liked many of the points made in the article,but I don't think that grades should be taking away from the classroom. I believe that a student should be able to meet with a tutor and teacher if they don't understand a particular subject. I think if this was to happen money would be saved and time from sitting in the classroom.

C4K #3

Keynote Speaker

The blog I did was from Ireland and the post was talking about a keynote speaker. In this post it talked about how business and industry played a factor in the changing curriculum has changed the developement of students and their grades. I agreed with the speaker in this post for a few reasons. I feel that too much corruption is going on in the school systems and the needs of the students is being left out of the equation all together.


The student I had for this assignment was from Alberta, Canada and her name was Alison. In the blog she showed a collage of pictures and told some facts about the mountains of Canada. In my comments I told Alison that she had good facts to show about Alberta and she even showed the type of work people do in that area. The collage even showed the type of animals in the mountain region in Canada. I also encouraged Alison to keep up the good work.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blog Post # 10


This cartoon represents types of pencils. The Papermate pencil is cheap and breaks alot and the Ticonderoga is more expensive and reliable. They both serve the same purpose which is to write down information.However if we are trying as a society to make education in the classroom more computerized using either of these instruments will come to a end, but I feel in the classroom some writing should be still involved to educate students.

Why Kids Play Games

This post was interesting to me simply for the fact of I play games to. To me most people play games to exscape along day of work, school, or many other reasons. I believe if games were to be integrated in the classroom students would learn at a faster rate. I think education should be taking to the next level. Like Mr. Spencer said soldiers and doctors play games so why not play them in school for education reasons. I believe most students play games in class because of them being bored with the information that is being taught by teachers. If teachers would integrate different teaching methods instead of boring students to death they probaly won't play games during class time.

Dont't Teach Your Kids This

In this post it talks about the good and the bads of computers. Kids today will have more technology at the there finger tips than any other generation, but with that will come alot of dangers that parents will need to be aware of. With all of the techological advances of computers children will still make mistakes and be adventurous. It is up to parents and teachers to give the child the proper education of being computer literate.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Smartboard Project

Blog Post #9

What I Learned

I watched volume 4 first then Mr. McClung's 3rd year blog, and in these blogs Mr. McClung addressed being yourself and not a collegue pleaser, challenging yourself and welcoming change. In being himself Mr. McClung talked about how he allowed his collegue's preception of him to affect the way he taught his students. In challenging yourself McClung talked about becoming complacent in his teaching. While the routines made teaching smoother it stifled his excitement.

I agree with the majority of what McClung's blogs when he talked about the forementioned topics but I was alittle uneasy about not being affraid of being an outsider. I agree that our decisions when it comes to our style of teaching should be based on how well the students are learning class materials. Being that outsider can stifle your growth as a professional. You can not be wrapped up in pleasing everyone and trying to do so will have you running ragged. As long as your students are learning matieral being taught and your supervisors are in agreance with your work ethics and you are comfortable with yourself you will be an effective teacher.

The most important thing that I will walk away with is the "Dont touch the keyboard rule." In teaching students it is easy to take over a task and do it for them, it saves you time in explaining how to do it. But if you explain how to do the task in different ways and allow the student to stuggle through the task, the out come will be that they have learned how and or find a better way to completing the task.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

PLN Progress

Progress 1

For my PLN I started a Symbaloo account. One thing I like about this site is that iit is free. While browsing on Symbaloo I found I check the news, network with others, and check other sites while on the site. It is a good way for teachers to get ideas from other teachers. I think this site is one of the better sites on the internet and I will use this site to network with others.

C4T #3

Brian Nichols

The teacher I commented on was Brian Nichols. In his blog Brian talked about students being at risk, conversation from teachers about students, and wasted time in the classroom among teachers trying to change matters that they have no control over. In my comment I agreed with what Brian posted. I think their is a fine line in converation between teachers about students and their is alot of wasted classroom time. I think that some teachers get off task in trying to control matters they can't. If teachers focused on the task at hand which is molding young minds it would be ok.


C4K #5 The kid that I was given had a post about a soccor player. In the post the student described the soccor player and you have to figure out who it is. Since I'm not a big soccor person I didn't know who it was. So I posted that I couldn't figure out who it was.

C4K #6 The kid I left a comment for was named Conor. In his post Conor talked about a story about a greaser named Ponyboy. In the story Conor talks about Ponyboy gaining confidence to stand up for himself in tough situations. I told Conor it was a good story and that the story had good points.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Post #8

Richard Miller

In watching Richard Miller's short videos on "This is how we dream," I agree with him on this is basically the platform for communication in educational institutions. How we work, where we research, how and where we publish are incremental changes in the advancement of technology and the binding of a new platform.

What use to take physical action in going to the library to research information on certain documents, locating the reference books and hoping they were still on the shelves is/ has become a thing of the past. Knowledge and ideas are being shared on an infinate level. In working on a group project, collaborations can be done via emails and texting.

E The production and publishing process of ideas have been shortened greatly due to the fact that one can sit in their livingroom or dorroom and research, collaberate, produce and publish in a fraction of the time it use to take. These changes are not fundamental changes but incremental changes.

Fundamental changes are taking place as to how information is be compiled. In part II of "this is how we dream," Miller goes on to talk about how the web is now being used in the production and publishing of ideas. Johnathan Harris's work on presenting the affect of the globe uses agregating bots to search news sites and blogs that can determine an emotional profile of the world. I agree with Miller there needs to be a platform dedicated primarily for educational institutions to publish and push out cultural ideas.

Carly Pugh

In Carly's blog post she really puts Miller's videos "This is how we dream," into perspective. She starts off by letting us know that she is home in her pajamas doing this assignment. This went along with Miller's "How we work." She basically utilized the web and searched for videos to compile her play list which was not created in a word document. Carly's research, production and publishing took place on the web and using the web. On her blog post she has hyperlinks that tke the reader to her play list. This was a prime example of Miller's incremental and fundamental changes.

EDM 310 is So Different

The EDM 310 for Dummies video was funny and yet informative to anyone who is taking this class. This class is very time consuming and it makes you work to your potential. While watching this video it gave me a few ideas to do my on video. One idea would have more people describing the difficulies of this class and my other idea would be to use different camera angles. The Chipper video was a brief video. It was helpful to a certain point. The idea I got out of this video would be pay attention in class and make sure you turn the work in on time.

Learn to Change,Change to Learn

I agree with Odom in change to learn, but with reservation. The technology that surrounds us in todays society can be eduacational and inspiring. In changing the way class material is presented to the students would indeed provide a more engaging enteractive environment. My only concern of this is how to ensure the securtiy of this technological world our youth are growing with.

Scavenger Hunt

1. Edmondo, is a tool that it very similar to facebook. I would use this site to link up with other teachers and build a network so that I could bounce ideas off of them and vise versa. I would also be able to start group discussions with my classes and be able to monitor the participation of group members. I would also have the ability to give quizzes and provide clarification on homework assignments. I would be able to poll students.

2. Prezi is the tool that was most likely used to make this presentation. the student/ teacher prices was free for the first 30 days, $4.92 per month after that or an annual price of $59.00. this is very affordable for students.

4. Animoto was the last tool I choose. The reason I choose this one was it was good for creating videos. This site is good for adding images and you can put music on it to add to the video. The best part is you can add the videos to facebook and other sites. I think it would be good for education for the simple fact it would give students a chance to be creative.

C4T #2

Technology in the Classroom

The teacher I left a comment on was Beth Knittle. In her post she talked about the waste of time in the high school classroom. the amount of time that teachers spend giving out homework to the students and they have less time to do it in but, college student's spent less time in the classroom and have more time to complete their assignments. In my response I agreed with her points. It seems that alot of time is wasted in high school classrooms. It seems that alot of what the student needs to learn is left out of teaching due alot of issues.

Why Touch Screens Aren't The Future

In this post by Arvind Grover he talks about touch screens being the future. In the post he also talks about the importance of the advancement in computers. I agree with the video. I was amazed at how far the technology has come and how far we're going to be in the next few years.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blog #7

Student Networking

This is a very interesting video to watch,but was very informative. I think that if students being to network for education it will make some classes obsolete. I think it is a good idea to have students network with eachother for the simple fact that students do need to interact with eachother. They will probaly learn at a faster rate and be motivated to want to learn more. For the classroom of tomorrow this will stimulate young minds to use technology for educational reasons. This type of learning will teach students how to use the internet, do proper research online, and to be creative with this type of technology.

There are a few points that I would question with student networking. The first would be. What is the purpose of the teacher? It seems to me there really isn't a reason for the teacher if everything is going to be online. And the second question to that is. What to do about classes that need to be lectured. Some classes are to difficult to just do online. There would have to be a fine line between lecture time and computer time for this to work.

Overall this video was great and I really think it would be great. It would get shy students interacting with other people and get the weaker students paired up with stronger students. If a few kinks could get worked out I can really see this student networking could really take education to a new level. i could see myself as a educator using this in the classroom as well as some lecture time too. It is time we take the next step in the right direction to educating our younger generation.


This video left me in total shock. Its a good tool for students to learn how to manage. Doing this type of project would bring excitement and motivation learn in any classroom. The preparation for this was phenominal and breath taking to see the students taking action to make this project work. This type of learning is taking a step into the future for education.

C4K #2

C4K #2

The first student I did was Darren. Darren's blog was about what made him happy and some of the things that he liked to do. In my comment to Darren I told him some of the things I liked to do and some of the things that make me happy. I also told Darren to keep up the good work.

The second student I did was talking about the struggles of education. He mostly talked about his focus in school and his ability to complete his tasks at school during the day. I told him about my struggles that I had in school. I gave the student some pointers to become a better note taker and how to prioritize the things that are most important to him.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Project 9A

timelineshare.sdr (file://BATTISTE-PC/Users/battiste/Documents/timelineshare.sdr)

Blog #6

Randy Pausch Last Lecture

In watching Randy Pausch's last lecture Achieving your Childhood Dreams, there were several key points that were hit. These key points to me were more so guidance billets. teh key focus was acheiving your dreams at the same time helpig someone acheive their, identify your goals and reach for them, work on working with others and don't limit or allow others to limit you. In going through and thinking about what Pausch spoke on, he is basically giving pointers on how to live your life to the fullest.

Before one can a cheive their childhood dreams one must identify them. Your dream is your dream you shouldnt have to worry about how silly it may seem to others. And along the route of achieving your dreams and helping some one acheive theirs along the way it is ok if you realize that dream needs to be tweeked a little. One dream that Pausch tlaked about is wanting to be Captain Kirk but realizing somewhere on his journey that it would be best if he could meet Captain Kirk instead.

Learning to work with others is a big thing that really caught my attention in this lecture. Working with others can help you remove those limits that were and are placed on you, be it that they maybe self inflicted or inflicted by others. Where you teammate may fall short you can encourage them to reach their potential and vice verse.

In short, live life to the fullest. Set those goals wheter it be childhood dreams or the adulterted version once you realize those childhood dreams might need to be altered. Reach for those goals and help someone reach for theirs. Limit your self and not others. Don't get worked up over the cards you have been dealt, instead focus on how you play those cards.

Friday, October 5, 2012

C4K #1

C4K #1

The student I commented on was from New Zealand. In the post my student wrote about a cave that leads to a beach. She told small details about the beach. I wrote to her I would love to learn more about the cave. I told her that we have some caves in Alabama too.

C4K #2

The student that I had for my second assignment was from England. In this post the student showed a picture show. The picture's showed different way's of solving math problems. It was a nice collection from the students in the class. I wrote to the student that it was good to learn different methods of learning how to solve math problems.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog Post #5

School Iniative by Travis Allen

In watching the short video by Travis Allen. He presented solid information on how to address budget issues across the board. Travis Allen makes several argument about how the Ischool can benefit students as well as their educators. The first argument focuses on the forgoing budget cuts that plagues school systems from coast to coast. The second argument addresses the decrease in educators that are due to the budget cuts. And the final arguement is the class sizes are steadily increasing.

While watching this short video I couldn't help but think of several issues that might arise needing special attention. The security of the Itouch is in question. The affordability of the Itouch per student and the jobs that will be lost to the electronic platform of school. In watching the second video by Travis Allen it is evident that the Ischool has some success in certain areas, but several issues still need to be addressed.

In the first Ischool video. My first issue was in fact answered being that the school would have access to securing the availability of the internet for the students during calls sessions. The affordibility of the Itouch was the second issue that would need addressing. In some areas uniforms and class supply list are a must prior to stepping foot in the classroom, do we then ask parents to fork out 150.00 per student for an I touch. For the families that could not affored the Itouch where does that leave the student? When or at what age do we introduce this technology into the classroom.

Ischool working with I touch sounds like a great tool for a classroom, but should be utilized in moderation. In some school systems the smart board is being introduced in the classrooms and there are several kinks and glitches to be worked out. As long as the issues that arise are adrressed in a timely manner the Itouch and Ischool merger sounds like a wonderful platform to work with in classes today.

Virtual Choir

This was beautiful bring everyone together in such a manner. This shows how technology can be manipulated through channels such as the one used to create this Lux Aurumque. It does make you wonder whatelse can and has been manipulated though technology.

Teaching in the 21st Century

I agree to a certain extint with this video. Teachers would then become glorified babysitteres--NOT-- All of the media networks are currently available. They have yet been utilized in such a capacity. Facts without guidance and cultivation is just plain facts. Social skills can be inquired on the net but not aqurired.

Flipped Classroom

In the three short videos on flipping the classroom the college methods are being applied to the classrooms. This falls in line with the no child left behind. If your child can preview the lessons the night prior to doing the applications on line the process of understanding and retaining information is greater. This also can be of assitance to parents assisting their children at home. Flipping the classroom in assistance brings the teacher to the student. If the student has to go to the restroom the pause button is just a click away. Students can pause rewind, replay, and get in practice prior to going to class. This is a great way for students to learn and be creative.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog #4


In the video's that I watched about podcast.I learned different strategies on how to do a podcast and how student's are using podcast to learn in the classroom.I think that it is important for children to use as much technology as they can to learn in the classroom.I learned that by recording yourself and hearing the information that is put out on the recording help's.I learned that student's seem to learn more in a classroom environment that is friendly and is more challenging to them.In the Joe Dale podcast about Podcast in the Classroom he showed how technology has affected those born after the 1980's and how important technology has become part of our everday lives.In his podcast the student's seemed to be interested and challenged more when techmology is in place in the classroom environment.In the video with Silvia Tolisano it intriguing how the chilredn learned from listening to the podcast first.It was like they had more of a edge to listen and comprehend the podcast then respond to it in there own words.

What I got out of these podcast is technology is important no matter what.I learned to incorporate different tactic's when doing podcast.I also took from these video's that learning can take place on all level's.I learned that listening and comprehending is a good way to learn and way's to incorporate hearing to expand my vocabulary.This was great information to help me do my podcast.

C4T #1

The first post on Arvind Grover's twitter was a collection on his I.D badges from his work experiences.In my comment's I asked what did all if the badges mean and it looked as if he has a heap of experience in what he does for a living.In the second post on twitter for Arvind Grover was a video on Meeting's Not Being Work.I made the comment that most should watch this video before going to a meeting.I also made the comment of I should show this video to my peer's in the military before our briefing's.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blog #3

Peer Editing

The video and slideshow on Peer Editing was informative. It gave a clear message on the procedures on editing your peers. The slideshow showed ways to to give suggestions with being a jerk to the person your editing,also how to stay positive while editing someone's work even though it may not be good. I learned that giving good feedback to the writer is effective because it will give the writer confidence to continue to write. The video gave good definitions on what peer editing is and what a peer means.Overall the video and slideshow on Peer Editing was helpful to me and should make me more effective when I edit my peers. The 10 Mistakes video was educational and entertaining. It showed me types of examples of the people I don't want to do my peer review.You have a wide variety of how not to be when reviewing a person's paper or blog. This video made me look at myself and question what type of person I am when it comes down to peer editing a person's paper. I would show this video to everyone so they could learn how to be more effective reviewers. In today's society people are to objective when it comes down to looking over someone's work. This video is one that I liked and will learn alot going forward with blogging.

I think that technology in the classroom for special need student's is long overdue. Technology gives the opportunity to expres themselves and to learn. Year's ago this kind of technology was not available to special need student's. I think through the using of Ipads, Ipods, and other technological equipment has come along way in helping special need student's get the education that they need. To me the student should have the choice of equipment he or she would like to learn on. I'm glad to see that special need student's are getting the help from technology that they need.

Apps for Learning

I would use the drawing app.I like this app for special need student's cause it gives them a chance to be creative with art. They have achance to express themselves and how they are feeling. In today's school art and being creative is slowly dying to me. This art app gives them a chance to do something more than just classwork.


The video showed a amazing teacher Vicki Davis.She gave the student's a sense of entitlement and ownership over there on learning. Vicki Davis showed that learing can take place from technology not only from book's and paper all the time. It seemed to me the student's were more lively and comfortable in that classroom environment. Vicki Davis gave the student's many ways to enhance there learning in the classroom.